Aloha & Mahalo

The Aloha Classic 2018 was a successful and fun tournament, a sincere thank you to all who made it possible. Please read on…

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Aloha & Mahalo

Much more than “hello” and “goodbye,” Aloha means affection and compassion. At The Aloha Classic 2018, we hope you had an outstanding experience filled with Aloha.

Mahalo is much more than “thanks.” The depth of meaning includes gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, regard and respect.

To the players and refs:

The games were competitive and fun - as expected! Your willingness to travel far (and not-so-far) to play with athletes of varying skill levels, some who you’ve never met before, is much appreciated. We are glad that lasting friendships have been made; the camaraderie is part of what makes this tournament thrive. Mahalo.

To the sponsors:

We hate to use clichés, but we couldn't have done it without you.
To our title sponsor, The Lazy Bear Fund: You stepped up, unsolicited, and provided a tremendous boost before we started planning this year’s event in earnest. Mahalo.
To Bacchus Waikiki: Your ongoing sponsorship of HIGFFL and The Aloha Classic by hosting beer bust fundraisers, providing tents for the fields and coolers filled with ice cold water and Gatorade is unmatched. You have friends for life! Thanks for the delicious sandwiches, too.
To The Sheraton Princess Kaiulani and The Moana Surfrider: We're so thankful to Mark and Shannon and their team at the Sheraton for hosting our players and our opening Luau. You put on a great event! To Rick at the Surfrider - the raffle prize was above and beyond, and then you set us all up at the Wine Bar pre-cruise - wow! Thanks.
To Hula’s: We’re happy to have you back as a sponsor and thank you for hosting two parties!
To Scott Larimer: You’re one of the originals; thank you for coming back for the 3rd year. W really appreciate the ongoing sponsorship of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services.
To D. J. Dole: Welcome aboard, big hugs, and we look forward to the cheer squad in 2019! We’re thankful to you and Honolulu Home Loans for the support.
To The Aloha Bears: Much gratitude to our island brothers & sisters for supporting, promoting and participating in our events and hosting the hike to Makapuu Lighthouse.
To Wang Chung’s: Danny, you provide kick-ass Karaoke and you’re a kick-ass sponsor. We thank you for including hosting karaoke and brunch and Chef Randy’s Saturday lunch.
To The Pig & The Lady: Yummy lunches are what make this tournament stand out from others. Alex, your Sunday offering was outstanding!
To The Honolulu Legacy Foundation, Scarlet Honolulu, In Between Waikiki, Chikos, 440 Castro, Josh & Taka Suzuki, and Butch Merideth, thank you for your financial contributions to this year’s tournament.

To the volunteers:

From creating team names (thanks Johnny!) to stuffing swag bags to taking photos to collecting empty bottles on the field, stoking bonfires and DJing parties, there were many individuals who contributed. We thank Randy C., Eric B., Gan J., Ben H., Jared T., Jim B., Michael R., Lyle R., Chris T., Phil G., Andrew M. and others who toted equipment on and off the field and offered rides and tended to the injured. Mahalo to Wendell for hosting our game night.

To the friends, fans and families:

Team Mimosa, spearheaded by Roland and Michael was the anchor to our weekend. They provided so much team “spirit” and shelter and then were incredible when it started to pour! We are sincerely looking forward to what you have in store for next year!
To the others who come to watch and support players, teams and referees, it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. your presence brings more love and camaraderie to the field and the events. Mahalo.

To the HIGFFL board and The Aloha Classic 2018 Organizing Committee:

We did it. Together. Each one of you played a role in the event’s success. Wanna do it again next year? Thank you to Ty, Dayne, Steve, Aaron, Michael, Brennan and Bryant.

With affection, compassion, gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, regard and respect  - in other words, ALOHA and MAHALO,
John Ledwith, Chairman, The Aloha Classic 2018