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Koko Head Stairs Who needs the gym when you have a natural stairmaster with an awesome view that takes you up more than 1,000 steps?  Click here for directions.

Manoa Falls This destination is one of the most fascinating waterfalls on Oahu. It's right in Honolulu and the water cascades 150 feet down from rocks above. Click here for directions.

Diamond Head Summit This trail hike is the most popular hike on Oahu. It's fairly steep and about a 1.5 mile round trip. It starts from the middle of the Diamond Head crater and climbs 560 feet up the side to the top of the rim. Click here for directions.

(more hikes below this photo)

Makapuu Lighthouse (30-45 minutes) Difficulty: 2, View: 3
It’s a fairly easy hike to the lighthouse. Steep hill. Many lookout points for whale watching during the winter. At the whale sign about halfway up you can climb the rocks downs to visit the tide pools.

Makapuu Tidepools (60-90 minutes) Difficulty: 2, View: 2
The tide pools are filled by the tides and heated by the sun. Be careful during high tides - you can get swept away. Look for the arrows painted on the rocks for directions.

Pele’s Chair (30-45 minutes) Difficulty: 1, View: 3
Easy hike to an interesting rock formation. The the right of the trailhead to the Makapuu Lighthouse there’s a dirt road that goes off to the right. If you look out, you will see a large rock formation that looks like a chair. To the right of the chair is a  protected swimming hole.

Hanauma Bay Ridge to rock bridge (60-90 mins) Difficulty: 2, View: 3
At the Hanauma Bay entrance, go around the gate and walk along the closed road. Halfway up you will see a trail on the left. Follow that trail and walk toward the ocean and climb down the rocks. The rock bridge is to the right, be careful around the bridge – waves have knocked people off.

Kuliouou Ridge (About 3 hours) Difficulty: 3, View: 3 (on a clear day)
Kuliouou is a hike up switchbacks, wooded forests, and staircases to the peak. The terrain varies along the way. The view from the top is great.

Lanikai Pillboxes (60 minutes) Difficulty: 2, View: 5
Lanikai is located on windward Oahu. This hike ends at two World War II pillboxes with spectacular view of Kanehoe Bay, Kailua Beach to Waimanalo and the interesting Moke Islands off shore. The sunrise is spectacular with amazing colors.

Wailua Falls (3 hours) Difficulty: 3, View: 4
Tucked away in Aiea is Wailua Falls. This hike to a waterfall is a lengthy, but it will not disappoint. The falls are a local favorite for cliff jumping and swimming in the fresh water pools.

Pu’u O Hulu Pillboxes (60 minutes) Difficulty: 2, View: 5
Located in Maili on the Waianae Coast. (Look up Maili Point Hike on your GPS) Pu’u O Hulu is a relatively easy hike. Once on the trail, there are a few switchbacks to the top.

Kaena Point (60 minutes) Difficulty: 2, View: 3
This hike takes you to the western tip of the island. Enter the Albatross bird sanctuary at the end of the hike and make sure to stay on the path and it will take you to the beach where you can see Monk Seals sunbathing. Remember this is a wildlife preserve and disturbing the birds or their nests is illegal (Federal law requires that you stay 100m away from the seals).